Zadar city guide – Top 10 restaurants by Idassa Holiday

Zadar city guide – Top 10 restaurants by Idassa Holiday

Šime Kalac Šime Kalac March 18, 2019 Blog EN

Zadar is well known for its cultural and historical heritage which will leave everybody speechless. Except for that, Zadar is really special with its gastronomy offer and local dishes which you need to try. Having that in mind, we have decided to recommend the top 10 restaurants in Zadar where you will be able to try local specialties and drink good wine from the Zadar region for a good price.

1. Bon Appetit

Restaurant Bon Appetit is situated in Zadar old town by the sea. The offer of  this restaurant is based on homemade products (bead, pasta) as well as fruits and vegetable from the local farmers. Restaurant Bon Appetit is situated by the sea, so you can enjoy eating your meal with a sea view. The offer is based on a fusion of authentic and modern dishes and its variety will satisfy everyone. Except for great meals, you can try the best of local wines and homemade aperitives.

2. Ankora

Restaurant Ankora is situated in the urban part of Zadar only 10minutes away from the well known Zadar bridge.  This restaurant is a great choice for families with children because it is surrounded with children playground.  The offer of this restaurant is based only on authentic traditional meals such as PEKA, a dalmatian dish which you have to try. If you want to enjoy local cuisine and wines this place is the best choice for you!

3. Pet bunara

If you are searching for the best combination of local cuisine, wine, and desserts, restaurant Pet bunara is the best choice for you. This restaurant is located in the old city center, on the five wells square. In addition to a variety of basic meal offers, the restaurant Pet bunara also organizes a day of seasonal and special dishes. Some of those are days of figs, mushrooms and a lot of others.

4. 2Ribara

If you prefer a fish menu and want to try local fish specialties, we recommend a fish restaurant 2Ribara. The tradition of this restaurant is over 50 years long, and the variety of dishes will satisfy every taste. Apart from carefully prepared fish and meat dishes, guests can also try the local Zadar wines.

5. Proto food and more

This restaurant is also located in the old city center. In addition to a varied offer including homemade indigenous meals, here you can find menus for vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free menus.

6. Bruschetta

Restaurant Bruschetta is situated in a beautiful area, surrounded by sea and ancient remains. Through the variety of dishes, restaurant Bruschetta will take you on the real gastro journey through Dalmatia and Mediterrain. The offer of dishes is complemented with unique prepared bruschettas and various offer of wines.


7. Pizzeria Šime

Pizzeria Šime has been known for its tasty dishes since 1981. Today it is one of the most popular restaurants among many people in Zadar. This family restaurant will provide you with everything you need for a unique gastronomic experience – a pleasant atmosphere, good food, and fine wine.


8. Konoba Rafaelo

This cozy tavern will delight you with a large choice of grilled meat and big portions. It is ideal for family dinners and celebrations. In addition to the various grilled meat, traditional Dalmatian specialties such as lamb under the bell are also offered. The Rafaelo tavern is located in the urban part of Zadar, called Borik.

9. Restaurant Harbor

The cozy atmosphere and the variety of dishes offered are what the Harbor Restaurant stands out from others. It is located by the sea, in a new part of the city of Zadar with the view on the Old town of Zadar. Apart from a variety of dishes and wines, this restaurant offers numerous musical performances that complement the entire experience.

10. Konoba Bonaca

Bonaca Tavern is a family restaurant located on the Three Wells Square on the Poluotok in Zadar. The offer is based on dishes prepared with fresh ingredients such as fresh fish, meat, pasta, and vegetables. All meals are available at very reasonable prices.

We hope that we have helped you with this short list of restaurants and that you will find something for you in one of these. All recommended restaurants are in walking distance from our facilities and are easy to find.