Terms and Conditions

Company Agro Kotari Ltd. Biljane Donje 108, 23240 Benkovac, Croatia, OIB 32787803442 is registered for accommodation rentals for service user (hereinafter referred to as ”Guest”) according to the published information available on web page www.idassaholiday.com (hereinafter referred to as ”Web page”). Usage of Web page understands accordance with terms and conditions.

  1. Usage of the Web page

Texts, graphics, photographs, visual solutions and other contents of this Web site are forbidden to be copied, modified, distributed or used in any other way. Ownership is protected by Croatian and International copyright laws. The Guest may use the Website solely for personal purposes, for booking accommodation or for actions that are permitted by using this Web Site.

In the process of making a reservation, it is forbidden to give incorrect information, fictitious bookings, as well as distortion of personal information. In case that is done,  Agro Kotari d.o.o. has the right to terminate the contract with such Guests in such or similar situations at the expense of the guest. The guest agrees that will provide company Agro Kotari Ltd. with the correct contact information (name, last name, email, address …), in the cases when this is required. The guest agrees that Agro Kotari Lts. may use that information for the purposes of establishing contact with the Guest whenever necessary.

In the manner of Web page improvement, terms and conditions can be changed in every moment without previous announcement. This Web page is connected with the other Internet pages for which content company Agro Kotari d.o.o. assumes no responsibility.

  1. The content of the general conditions of service provision

Company Agro Kotari Ltd. Offers accommodation and other services presented on the official Web page.

  1. Reservations

Reservation of accommodation or other services is possible through the Internet, by sending application form on the e-mail, or by the phone. During the registration, user/traveler is required to provide all the necessary information or documents for specific travel program. After the reservation is completed, Guest confirms that he is familiar and has carefully studied Terms and conditions of service provision which he fully accepts. In this way, all that is stated in these General Terms becomes a legal obligation both for the Guest and for Agro Kotari Ltd.

If by the time of guests arrival is or fewer days, the guest is obligated to pay  100% of the agreed accommodation cost.



  1. Payment and the price of the service

The price of the service is published on the official Web page, but other additional services that are not strictly included in the price, Guest pays by himself and is obligated to order them when making the reservation of the accommodation or by arrangement pay for them on-site. Company Agro Kotari Ltd. reserves the right to request payment of the deposit as a guarantee of any damage caused by inadequate use of the accommodation unit by the Guest. Paid deposit will be returned to the Guest after the end of the service if it is found that there was no damage to the inventory. In the event of the inventory damage, the company Agro Kotari Ltd. reserves the right to pay the damage caused on the accommodation unit inventory by a deposit.

The prices on the website are quoted in Euro (EUR) and include VAT. and city tax. In some cases, the city tax is not included in the price of the stay and the Guest pays it in cash upon arrival at the accommodation facility.

Payment of the deposit in an annuity or full amount of the arrangement can be made by Internet banking/payment slip to the account of the company Agro Kotari Ltd.


  1. Description of the services

Offered accommodation facilities, restaurants, types of transport, etc. are described according to the official categorization of the local tourist organization at the time of the publication of a program. Standards of accommodation, food, services, and others are different and not comparable to other places and countries.

Price of the accommodation includes daily rate, linen, towels, cost of water, electricity, and general cleaning. Additional services (breakfast, transfer, boat mooring) are charged separately in agreement with the owner of the accommodation unit.

If more persons arrive in the booked accommodation unit than confirmed by the booking, the company Agro Kotari Ltd. has the right to deny accommodation to unaddressed guests or to accept all guests with an extra charge of unannounced guests on the spot.

Company Agro Kotari Ltd. warrants that the descriptions are made in good faith and correspond to the factual situation at the time of the inspection of the object and the publication of its description on the Web page.

As a rule, the accommodation unit is submitted on use neat, clean and in proper condition.

In case that guest, when entering the unit, notifies inaccuracy or damage, he or she shall immediately inform the company Agro Kotari Ltd., otherwise it is considered that the unit has been in its proper condition.



  1. Reservation cancellation


  • The client’s right to cancel and change the reservation


The guest can at any time cancel the reservation and request a refund of the deposit under the conditions specified here. Cancellation of the reservation can be made by e-mail, and every other withdrawal must be confirmed in writing form (by e-mail) by the Agency
The prepayment reduced by bank charges is the amount that would be returned to the Guest. In case the reservation is canceled within 30 days of the scheduled arrival date, the Guest loses the right to get a refund of the prepayment.

In case of cancellation by the guest, Agro Kotari d.o.o. will proceed according to the following guidelines:

  • Cancellation more than 30 days before arrival – Agro Kotari Ltd makes a refund of the prepayment reduced by the cost of bank transfer.
  • for cancellation 29 – 15 days before arrival – Agro Kotari Ltd. maintains 10% of the total reservation price (prepayment)
  • for cancellation of 14 – 0 days before arrival – 100% of the total reservation price
  • “no-show” – 100% of the total reservation price


  • Rights of Agro Kotari Ltd. Regarding the cancellation and change of reservation


In the case of exceptional circumstances (war, riots, strikes, terrorist actions, sanitary disorders, natural disasters, intervention of competent authorities etc.) and unforeseen circumstances Agro Kotari Ltd.  may propose changes of the  booked accommodation or cancel the rented accommodation capacity in whole or in part if prior to or during the holiday outstanding circumstances that can not be avoided, and that they have occurred at the time of publication and sale of the program would be justified by Agro Kotari Ltd.  not to announce the offer and not to receive the applications and confirmations of the accommodation units.

If a guest pays a reservation that Agro Kotari Ltd.  Cannot fulfill (online or by the wrong offer) an alternative will be offered to the guest. If the company Agro Kotari Ltd. Can offer to the guest an alternative, the change of reserved accommodation can only be done with the approval of the guest. The offered alternative must be in the same or higher quality range than the quality of the booked accommodation. If the Guest accepts the alternative and if that alternative is more expensive, the guest is required to pay the difference. If the alternative is cheaper the company returns the amount difference to the Guest.

Company Agro Kotari Ltd. Is obliged to inform all guests who have confirmed their arrival by the payment, about the changes in the reservation or cancellation immediately upon the occurrence of extraordinary circumstances. If the company Agro Kotari Ltd. is in the impossibility to find alternative accommodation, it is obligated to return to the guest unrealized amount reduced by administrative agency costs.

Company Agro Kotari Ltd. reserves the right to cancel the reservation when assessing that the behavior of the Guest and his or her close ones, could endanger the safety, comfort or rest of the other guests, the lessor and his employees and other persons. In that case, the guest has no right on the refund.

Guests are required to have valid personal travel documents.

  1. Arrival and departure


Check-in is possible between 14:00 and 22:00 hours (except in cases when the voucher is not otherwise specified). Check out is possible on the last day of the reservation until 10 am. Arrival after 22.00h must be announced in advance.

Employees of the company Agro Kotari Ltd. will welcome the Guest at the reception desk or exceptionally in the accommodation facility.

The guest is obliged to report any possible delays or absence before the arrival, during the working hours of the company Agro Kotari Ltd.

In the case that the Guest does not notify his or her absence or late arrival until no later than 24.00,  company Agro Kotari Ltd. will consider that the Guest has canceled the reservation and the Guest is losing the right to refund the advance payment and to use the services of the booked accommodation unit, which is from that moment available to other clients.

In the case of extending the stay outside of the reservation period, the Guest will defray all the additional costs resulting from the extension of the reservation.

Upon arrival, a passport or ID card must be presented on the reception desk for the purpose of guests registration. In case of early departure, the Guest will lose any right to a refund.


  1. Obligations and responsibilities

The duties of the company Agro Kotari Ltd.:

  • Company Agro Kotari Ltd. is obliged to take care of the implementation of services as well as the choice of service providers with the care of a good businessman and to take care of the rights and interests of the guest in accordance with good practices in tourism.
  • Company Agro Kotari Ltd. is obliged to ensure providing of all the services to the Guest and therefore respond to the guest due to the potential non-performance of the leased services or part of the service.



  • Company Agro Kotari d.o.o. shall not be responsible for the malfunction of the Service or the termination of its delivery, including electricity, water, installation, as well as damages, interruption of service delivery or noise, resulting from works or repairs in the other part of the same or neighboring facility.
  • Company Agro Kotari Ltd. is not responsible for personal injury, loss or damage of the guest’s personal belongings of the who resides in the accommodation unit or its surroundings.


The duties of the Guest.

Guest is obligated to:

  • Have valid travel documents. Costs of loss or theft of documents during travel are covered by the Guest.
  • Respect the customs and foreign currency regulations of the Republic of Croatia, as well as the countries in which they are staying during the journey.
  • Observe the house rules in the facility.
  • In case of the damage caused by its fault, compensate Agro Kotari Ltd. on site all the damage done. In that case, Agro Kotari Ltd. does not take any responsibility for any damages.
  • Make sure that your actions do not disturb the peace of the object. In this case, the company Agro Kotari d.o.o. has the right to cancel the Guest stay without the right to charge the same.
  • Observe the number of people on the reservation. Company Agro Kotari Ltd. Has the right to refuse the accommodation of unauthorized persons or to request an extra charge for them.


  1. Complaints and Objections

If the provided services are poorly executed, the Guest may request proportional compensation by filing a written complaint. Each guest has the right to complain about the non-performance of the paid service. Every guest – reservation holder, files a separate complaint.

Complaint procedure:

The guest is obligated to announce inadequate service on the day of arrival with the service provider and inform Agro Kotari Ltd. in writing form on the day of arrival (to the e-mail address agrokotari@gmail.com).

If the Guest does not accept the offered compensation for the objection that corresponds to the paid service, the Agro Kotari Ltd. is not obligated to accept a complaint (if there is an adequate alternative in the same object, the Guest is obligated to accept it).

If a guest does not file a complaint about the accommodation on-site, he/she does not have the right to get refund money on the day of arrival.

The highest fee per complaint can reach the amount of the part of the service which is the object of the complaint and can not include the services already utilized as well as the total amount of the service.

Company Agro Kotari Ltd. does not accept complaints relating to the things that are not part of the facility (street works, beach cleanliness, buildings in the immediate vicinity). Also, a company Agro Kotari Ltd. cannot be held liable for possible climatic conditions, purity and sea temperature in destinations, and any other similar situations and events that are not directly related to the quality of the booked accommodation unit but which may cause guests dissatisfaction.

Company Agro Kotari Ltd. does not accept complaints about services in the special offer (eg. last minute offer).

Agro Kotari Ltd. always does everything in its power to provide the best possible service, but in case of a need for reclamation, it is necessary to follow the following guidelines:

  • Guests are required to check the accommodation unit immediately upon arrival
  • The guest is obligated to inform a company Agro Kotari Ltd. for any irregularities or disadvantages. which will initiate the removal of these deficiencies as soon as possible. Company Agro Kotari Ltd. will not be held responsible in cases where the Guest personally assesses the inadequacy of the Service / Equipment, and when those complaints aren’t objective.

The guest is obligated to cooperate with Agro Kotari Ltd. in good faith, in order to overcome the causes of dissatisfaction, since it is in the interest of the Guest to try to resolve his objection immediately at the destination, and the Guest and company Agro Kotari Ltd. the disputes will always be resolved by mutual agreement.

If the guest is not happy with the accommodation unit and without the announcement to Agro Kotari Ltd. leaves the accommodation unit, loses the right to a refund and a lawsuit against the company Agro Kotari Ltd. will be considered unjustified.

If a guest files the complaint to the company Agro Kotari Ltd. after the end of the use of the service, the complaint will not be considered.

  1. Court jurisdiction

Company Agro Kotari Ltd. and the Guest agree that, if any dispute arises, will try to resolve it peacefully, in agreement and if they fail to do so, contact the jurisdiction of the court according to the headquarters of the company Agro Kotari Ltd. The law of the Republic of Croatia is the relevant one.